How to download Coursera online Learning App For pc

How to download Coursera online Learning App For pc

Coursera Learning App is an online education platform that provides online courses, also known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses, from leading institutions and businesses around the world. or whenever you choose.
Founders: Andrew Ng, Daphne Koller
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: CA, USA


What is Coursera Learning App

The Coursera learning app connects you to several courses on the same topic from various colleges. As a result, the duration and content of the courses vary, and the learner must choose the course and university before enrolling.
Individual courses, as well as bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, are available on the site to help students overcome barriers to higher education. Professional certificate programs are also available to assist workers in obtaining new positions or promotions.

Is Coursera a free resource?

The online programs offered by the Coursera learning app cover a wide range of topics, from public health to resume writing.

What type of learning is Coursera?

The following are the most popular courses learned in Coursera:

⦁ Social Media Marketing on Facebook
⦁ Sales Operations on Salesforce
⦁ Google Tecnologies de la Informacion Support
⦁ Python for Google IT Automation
⦁ Popular Certifications in Cybersecurity
⦁ SQL Certifications That Are In Demand
⦁ IT Certifications That Are In Demand
⦁ Completely free course

 Language In  Coursera Learning App

1. Python
2. Java
3. Web
4. Machine learning
5. Marketing
6. Finance & Accounting.

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How to download the Coursera app For PC

Coursera 3.20.4 is available for download and installation on your Windows PC, Mac, or iOS. Coursera is a website that was created by Coursera, Inc. and is classified as an educational resource.

Features of Coursera

  • Profiles- Students, teachers, and administrators can create profiles to gain access to the system.
  • Search, Categorization, and Recommendations.
  • Course Creation.
  • Dashboard.
  • Course Details.
  • Payment System Integration.
  • Notifications.

Advantages of Coursera Learning App

a. Leading universities offer high-quality education.
b. Quizzes that appear in the middle of a video (exceptionally useful for reinforcing what you learn)
c. Courses begin regularly (although most are on a set schedule)
d. The focus has changed away from free courses and toward premium courses and specialties.
e. Coursera is a well-organized platform. They collaborate with some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions.
f. They are extremely “up to date” on current events and new courses.
g. Coursera learning app provides the largest catalog of courses, all of which come with a certificate from a professional institution, such as a university.
h. They also provide programs in collaboration with colleges that allow you to get a master’s degree as well as specializations. (Which is fantastic.)
i. A wide range of courses are available.
j. There are both free and paid courses accessible.
k. Courses are being offered by big names in the tech industry.
l. There are numerous subjects covered, all of which are taught by outstanding educators.

Disadvantages of Coursera Learning App

Particular (very few) of the courses contain outdated knowledge (older than two years), and in some areas, such as technology, the content must be completely new and up to date. Some academics or video producers aren’t very good in front of the camera; they should improve their training in this area. When a student begins peer evaluation, they may be surprised to see their work staring back at them.

  1. More graphs and infographics
  2. More collaboration on course creation is needed.
  3. Free courses for non-niche areas should be available.
  4. There is an opportunity for improvement in the mobile UI.



Coursera learning app is an available MOOC alternative that can assist you in achieving your goals quickly. Consider enrolling in a lesson using this unique platform right now. You will not be sorry! Students learn through doing. This means programming in programming courses learning app Students in the classes I’d taken were required to grade each other’s work using a rubric. This is quite successful and allows for non-multiple choice tests and quizzes. Instructors’ creativity and enthusiasm. Some of the approaches revealed the instructors’ ability to think beyond the box. The Rice Python course, for example, was a self-contained website that did not require the installation of an IDE on the user’s computer, and the final project was also self-contained.

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