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How To Play Carrom Board Online for Free

Carrom Board is a tabletop game inspired by India. The game is extremely popular in Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent, Carrom Board is known by a variety of names in a variety of languages. Games are held regularly in many Southeast Asian clubs and cafés. Carrom is a popular game in families with children as well as at social events. Carrom board game that is not patent covered. The general public has free access to it. Different norms and rules apply in various fields. It rose to prominence in the early 20th century in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.



How To Play Carrom Board Online for Free

How to set the coins in carrom Board?

  1. The board should be a smooth wood square measuring 24-26cm. Each corner will have a 51-millimeter circular hole with a net beneath it, similar to a miniature pool table. Two concentric circles, one the size of a playing coin and the other larger, are located in the canter of the board. Two diagonal lines drawn from the corners form the foul lines. The “Guideline” is made up of lines that run parallel to the sides, forming small rectangles.
  2. Collect all of the coins needed to play Carrom. In the game, nine black coins, nine white coins, a red queen, and a striker are used.
  3. Put the queen in the center of the Carrom board. The queen is the red playing coin. Begin by placing the queen in the small circle in the center of the board. The remaining dark and light coins will be arranged around the queen within the larger circle
  4. Arrange the light and dark playing coins as preferred. Place the first light coin parallel to the queen, in the direction of the pocket where you want to strike the coin. Alternate dark and light coins in a clockwise circle, with the queen as the center point.
  5. Make a decision on who will be the first to strike. Each player will hold a game coin in one hand. The other player must attempt to determine which hand is holding the game coin If the player guesses exactly, they have the option of striking first or sending the light coins to the other player, who will strike first and “break “Take a seat at the Carrom board table.” The first player to make a move will be seated in front of the lighter coins. In a regular two-player game, the opponent will be seated on the opposite side of the board.

How to Strike the coins wisely

 Carrom Board game

  • Take a comfortable seat on your side of the table. Take all shots from a seated position. To shoot, make sure you’re sitting comfortably and, in a position, where you can see your shot clearly, and place your hand on the board.
  • Place the striker on the board, touching both starting points. The baselines are the parallel lines that run along your side of the board to form the Carrom bed. The striker can be positioned only within the rectangle formed by the baselines and the circles at the end.
  • Flick the striker in the direction you want to hit the coins. Players flick the striker in a number of ways. You need to use your index or middle finger to select the option which is more useful to you.

carrom board rules

  • Shoot backward with your thumb or a scissor method. If the coin you’re looking for is behind the striker from your seated position, you may need to shoot backward. In this case, you’ll need to adjust your method to account for a back-shot.
  • On the first turn, break the coins. The white, or light-colored, the player always takes the first strike. This player is in charge of removing the coins from the center by flicking the striker into the arranged coins to split them.
  • Pass the striker to the opposing player if you foul or fail to pocket a coin. You can win the board by pocketing your coins and collecting points. Your turn will continue until you hit one of the corner pockets with your own color coins.

How to get scoring points in carrom boards

  1. You must collect all of your coins in order to win the carrom board. You have confirmed the board winner once you have cleared all of your coins by striking them into the pockets. Collect one point for each of your opponent’s remaining coins on the board after you’ve cleared yours.
  2. Attempt not to sink your opposition’s coins. Sinking your opposition’s coins means you lose your turn. Their own coins remain in the pocket, bringing them closer to winning the game. If you pocket your opposition’s last coin, you lose the board and three points.
  3. Covering the queen earns you three points. The queen was identified as the red coin in the center of the board. You must pocket one of your coins in either of the corners on your next round in order for the queen to be considered covered. If you fail to pocket a piece on your next move, the queen is not protected and is returned to the center of the board.
  4. Create a plan for ensuring the queen’s safety. You won’t be able to pocket the queen until you’ve pocketed one of your other coins. To cover the queen with your final coin, you must pocket the queen before pocketing your final coin.
  5. When you sink the striker, you end your turn and lose one coin. You lose your turn and one coin if you do not pocket one of your coins but sink the striker. Y8our opponent removes one of your coins from a pocket and repositions it in the center of the board.


Carrom boards are known for their smooth playing surface, good re-bounce, and substantial bracing at the back of the board to improve flatness and prevent warping. If you want to buy sports and games online in India, sum company Unique Sports is the right brand to go with. Purchase this Carrom board for hours of fun with friends and family of all ages. This Carrom board, made of Assam Plywood and strong wood borders, is ideal for indoor/outdoor play. As part of this order, you will receive one carrom board. The dominant colors will be brown and beige. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by purchasing a Carrom board – high quality at a low cost.

Product information

carrom board price

Size 24x 24cm x 1.5 cm
Material type Strong wood
Rating 5/5
Color dominant colors will be brown and beige
Price /Quality  Super quality within 1400 INR

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Carrom board online play for free

Carrom is a simple 4-player board game. Before your opponents, collect all of your coins. How to become the greatest at this Carrom Board game? Yes, you can win the carrom board with strategy and focus on the game. You need to focus on the game with the angle and force applied to the striker.

  1. You can easily play carrom board online. Online board games with interaction in the cursor. You can connect with the cursor by pushing the striker on the bar side and angle with force on it.
  2. You can play carrom board on the screen with points with an opponent or AI computer-based player online. You can understand the points and coins moved in the carrom board.
  3. You can see coins lag and smoothly coins based on asura scans the internet connectivity and opponent interaction in it.
  4. You can enjoy the free online carrom board on the internet. You can have carrom board online play with friends or other people in it.


The Carrom board is four edges with holes based on the coin points in it. Carrom board is a two or four-player combination-based game. You can see a more realistic carrom board in the mobile application. You can easily learn and play with the carrom board in the application. Here are the simple steps to download the carrom board download application on the mobile.

  1. Download the application from the play store in the android or iOS store on apple devices.
  2. You can click on the Download link to the carrom board application for the mobile application.
  3. You need to sign in with Google in the carrom application.
  4. You need to give permission for the carrom board application with storage and internet access in it.
  5. You can see the carrom board application with coins and points in it.
  6. You can play with four players or two players in the carrom board application.

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you can make the carrom board smooth by pouring the powder into the board. Just pour carrom board powder and put the striker in the board. Start practicing on the board with powder. You can see carrom board powder gets moved easily which smoothens the board surface and moves the coins to the corner. You can see the carrom board powder helps to move coins and smoothen the surface in the board.


how many coins in carrom board

You can see a carrom board with black, white coins and red coin in it. You can see the large coin known as the striker, which is noticeably larger than regular coins. A striker is used to push coins on the board. You can black and white coins on the board. You can arrange them in order with 9 black and 9 white coins with a single red coin in them.

Carrom Board = 9 black +9 white +1 Red + 1Striker

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