Ways to get good at valorant and improve your aim

Ways to get good at valorant and improve your aim

To be good at any FPS game, a good aim is the most important. Having a good kda is also important as you’ll be recognized by people. The aim is something you won’t be able to improve until and unless you grind all day every day. It’s something you can’t improve in one day. Some people are gifted with good aim while some people try their hardest to improve their aim. However, if you have a bad aim, don’t worry as I’ll be giving you the best tips on how to improve your aim in valorant.

Valorant is kind of like csgo but agents in valorant have abilities, unlike csgo. It’s a more fun version of csgo. If you’ve played csgo, then you probably have the game sense to play valorant as well. However, if you don’t have the game sense for valorant, there is nothing to worry about as game sense is something that you’ll develop just by playing, you won’t have to do anything else. There is one thing you can do quickly to improve your game sense: you can watch pro players like Shroud and Hiko, they’re one of the best valorant players out there. You’ll learn a lot just by watching pro players.

Almost every game has its competitive mode, valorant ranked mode is known as competitive play in which there are many hackers nowadays as valorant aimbot is pretty common nowadays and is being sold on many websites. You can get your working valorant aimbot and esp from Lavicheats.com. They have the best working aimbots out there and their aimbot won’t be detected by the anti-cheat system which is crazy. Even the valorant devs can’t seem to figure out they’re blinding the anti-cheat system when login in. People with good aim can destroy hackers and I’ve seen this myself.
However, hackers can ruin your gaming experience which is not something you’d like to experience. No one likes to play against a cheater because it ruins the fun. You’re not proving anything by cheating and winning games. This just means the hackers aren’t capable of winning on their own. They need some third-party software to help them win games. I’d suggest you grind every day and improve your aim by going into the practice range before queuing up for ranked games. This will help you warm up before going into the ranked games.

Once you get good at valorant, you can even start streaming your gameplay which can make you famous thus, you’ll be making a lot of money in no time. Many young players have been making a lot of money out of valorant such as Mongraal. Benjyfishy and many other pro-valorant players. Anyone can be good at valorant, it just takes time and practice. When playing ranked, you might face some wall hackers too as they use wall hacks so that they could get out of elo hell. Once they’re out of elo hell, they stop using hacks but they eventually get banned as valorant devs are working hard to improve the gaming experience for everyone. This is something I like about riot games as unlike other game companies, these guys are trying their best to eliminate hackers out of the game.


Here are some ways to get good at valorant:

Master every agent

Mastering every agent will allow you to know how to play against them. And of course, at times you’ll have to play other agents as well which is why it’s important to know how to play every agent the right way. Learn their abilities and game style. You can’t main one agent in this game as you’ll have to play other agents as well if you’re a team player. Many people just insta lock what they want to play which can get you banned.

Find the best sensitivity

Don’t copy other people’s sensitivities because you’ll most likely miss all your shots. Try using a sens converter and put your old game’s sense in it to find the best sense for you. Or you can just go into the practice range and try out different sensitivities. All FPS games heavily rely on aim which means you need a sense you’re comfortable playing with.

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