The vitality of the Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes contain corrugated material which has multiple layers of pulp and paper. Their utility lies in being break-resistant walls and multi-usage. Depending on the needs of the user, you can use them accordingly. Moreover, they are also available in different patterns and colors depending on the manufacturer. They keep your product safe and protected as the latter lack regular cardboard packaging.

These boxes have also nicknames have such as set-up boxes, premium boxes, and gift boxes. With a premium packaging option, usage of these boxes include:

  • Gifts
  • Luxury products such as jewelry
  • Board games

What else comes with them is that they prove effective in amplifying the unboxing experience of customers. Doing this strengthens the brand narrative among its customers. These boxes come with countless branding capabilities through finishing and printing which include:

  • Decorative elements
  • Coatings
  • Debossing/embossing
  • Hot stamping


Kinds of Rigid Packaging

Partial finish and full finish of custom rigid boxes include the two types of rigid packaging. Let’s explain them further.

Partial Finish

In this type of boxing, chipboard and wrapping are somewhat full and complete. The wrapping only finishes the outer surface of the box and the chipboard is bare and visible. What it means is that it is not complete. Single-piece chipboard with perforated crease lines is the material for partial finish boxes. It keeps the grey chipboard or kraft exposed and naked. Manufacturing this type of box takes very much less time because they require less material in the construction process.

Full Finish

In a full finish, the rigid box is complete as the chipboard is not left exposed. Experts use thicker chipboard which has 2-3 mm thickness. For each side of the box, the inner board is used in pieces. Moreover, various finishing options depend on the need to laminate it. They also come in an additional line or layer of wrapping which is usually of either white color or printed.

The vitality of the Rigid Boxes

Distinct Packaging Styles of Rigid Box

These boxes are available in different color schemes and styles. You can choose a style according to your taste and needs. Below is the list of some styles of these boxes:

  • Tube Packaging
  • Magnetic Closures
  • Telescopic boxes
  • Drawer Style Boxes
  • Book Style Boxes
  • Shoulder Neck Boxes

Make Luxurious Packing Possible

The supreme role of custom rigid boxes is that they prove an excellent choice for packaging luxury and premium products such as jewelry, electronics, or beauty products. Since their usage is also for luxury items, their ingredients include material of the highest quality which also have special features like custom out-outs and foam printing. This type of customization makes it possible for the customer to see what is inside the box.

 In addition to this, they are also available in custom printing to give your product a royal look. You can print anything you want onto your box. You can design the box as well of your liking. Features of customization better your advertising and marketing strategies.

Now let’s have a look at what role do custom boxes play in your brand advertising.

Get Your Brand Advertised Through Custom Printed Boxes

After launching a product or brand, the next step is how to do marketing and advertising. This is as significant as your brand itself. For this to achieve, brands and companies use different and unique marketing strategies. Custom printed boxes are one of those marketing tools. As its importance for your brand cannot be denied, find an expert who has a complete understating of modern trends. Only then he can print your boxes accordingly and you can have the best rigid boxes. People remember those who value their money which deserves it. Boxing can help identify your product or brand with logos because they look appealing and attractive. That which looks good leaves an impression on a person so does custom printing. This compels them to buy your product because you have built their trust.

Rigid Box is a Custodian of the Fragile Product

Is it necessary to put a fragile product in rigid packaging? The answer is yes. Imagine going to a store and buying a power-filled product. Without packaging, its purity is under threat of mixing which is very important for strengthening the trust of the company. No one likes dirt and without packaging dust particles and dirt can adulterate not only the item but also the name of the brand. So, the use of a rigid box is a must. Moreover in order to economize the cost, use a box made from custom kraft paper.

Cosmetic Products Find Themselves Stylish and Safe

Cosmetic products are usually fragile and they need proper packaging and coating, otherwise, there are high chances of their getting damaged. This is what packaging does. This is why custom rigid boxes are important and provide a wonderful solution for damageable cosmetic products.

The market is full of experts who can make you attractive and stylish packaging boxes. These boxes also better the overall appeal and look of the item which people attract for. That is why, you need an expert for this work. Simply put, they beautify the product.

Spokesperson and Visual Presenter of the Brand

Packaging plays the role of a spokesperson for the brand and people get to know what the brand stands for. That is why it should be as high as the product. There is no better way to acquire the attention of customers than using confirmation marks. Only experts and specialists know this fact. Therefore they use those designs which go well with the business. Windows packaging boxes can prove determinant in reassuring a potential customer such as cosmetic products. Females love how the design looks. Looks matter for them. For this, collapsible box packing equalizes the color scheme of the container and the box makes it attractive.

What Comes With Collapsible Boxes

What makes collapsible boxes distinct from other types of packaging is their ease-to-assemble and foldability in no time. They exclusively enrich the profitability and sale of the brand. As cost-effectiveness is of much significance in business, these boxes with minimal packaging save a lot of money. These rigid boxes are up to the mark in this regard. Another feature that makes them more loveable is that they are environment-friendly and recyclable. And in modern-day businesses, both these factors have prominence for business sustainability.

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