Is VDI the same as remote desktop?

Is VDI the same as remote desktop?

In modern times, people need fast and accurate work to achieve their goals without wasting any more time. Users can easily receive the same quality of service from both VDI and remote desktops.

These technologies have a few advantages and disadvantages as well. By comparing both systems you will be able to realize the difference between VDI and RDS.

The overall knowledge of VDI and RDS can help anyone to come to a broad decision while looking for an appropriate network connection. Here are some of the important points regarding VDI and RDS given below, which can help you to understand the necessity of a virtual desktop.


What is VDI?

VDI is known as a virtual desktop in the technical world. This application can help anyone receive a local network connection through the network service providers or office network. Thus, only a single person can be connected to the network.

What is RDS?

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services. With the help of advanced network machines and shared operating systems, RDS can provide network connections to multiple users simultaneously. Thus, using RDS, your whole team can easily receive a better network connection.

Difference between VDI and RDS

  • VDI uses virtualization software to use it as a pool. RDS uses a windows server only.
  • By using a Windows server, RDS can provide network connectivity to a number of people at a time. Only one person can use VDI.
  • People with ease can configure VDI. It has a number of features to modify the settings. However, RDS cannot be modified by anyone. It comes with its own features.

Selecting the best one for you

  • By understanding these differences and your requirements, you must choose the best and most appropriate one. The features of RDS and VDI can help anyone to make a proper decision with ease. The misconception of the similarities of these two virtual desktops can also be cleared by this information.
  • People who need a virtual desktop remotely should go for RDS. However, people who need only information in a remote process can easily go for VDI. This is how they will be able to get the proper information online to perform the allocated work more accurately.
  • Depending on different features, the price of your network connection can be increased or decreased. You should always go for the appropriate network source according to your budget. Thus, you do not need to face any issues while receiving a better network connection for the office works. People who are looking for a better network source for their organization; should select RDS.
  • Similarly, people who are going to use the network connection for their personal use only, can easily select VDI with ease. Thus, they will receive the exact service according to their needs.

The above-mentioned information about the differences between VDI and RDS can easily help anyone a lot while choosing the best network for you. According to your requirements, you can select the most accurate one without wasting huge amounts of money in the wrong sector. Apart from this, you can fix your budget by realizing the accurate price for the required network.

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