Modern Building Design Online Courses

Modern Building Design Online Courses

Modern Building Design Online Courses The professional practices and modern building design of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) business are evolving in response to climate change, technological advancements, and new regulations.

This Building Design Courses In Delhi delves into these tendencies and highlights how institutions of higher learning and the building industry might respond to them.


A beginner’s guide to building techniques

Those with no prior knowledge of building construction, such as construction project managers, homeowners, or those starting a new project, will find this course to be an invaluable primer. This is our most well-liked program since it presents a lot of information in a way that can be understood just by watching the video lectures.

Planning and laying of bases

People without prior knowledge of building construction will also benefit from this training. It discusses the planning and execution of footings for buildings. Different types of foundations, such as conventional ones, pile foundations, concrete footing pads, and raft foundations, will all be covered in depth throughout the Building Design Courses In Hyderabad. Soil mechanics, or the study of the properties and behaviour of soils, will also be introduced at the introductory level. Building a waterproof basement is covered in depth.

Sustainable construction: a preliminary overview

This course aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of green architecture. The course begins with a discussion of what constitutes a sustainable building, then moves on to topics such as energy consumption in buildings, the building’s interaction with its surroundings, internal factors, appropriate building materials, advanced software for modelling building physics, and finally, international standards for sustainability.

An Overview of Construction Methods and Materials

Those with a background in architecture, engineering, or building will benefit most from this course’s content. It includes information on load-bearing masonry buildings, steel frame construction, concrete frame structures, doors and windows, an overview of building services, finishes, building envelope construction, and other current and historic construction technologies and systems.

Modern building technology

During this training, you will learn sophisticated strategies for building. An overview of project management is included, as well as more complex construction techniques, such as foundations, facade and cladding technologies, roofing systems, and more.

Precisely what are your goals?

Post the course completion, individuals will easily be able to:

  • Recognize the many factors that affect contemporary building design today;
  • List the many career paths open to AEC graduates, ranging from the traditional office and site positions to lab-based ones;
  • Explain the role that design management, digital modelling, nanotechnology, resilience, wellbeing, and sustainability play in driving the AEC curriculum;
  • Discuss the need for greater integration between the disciplines.


Those interested in the methods used in contemporary architectural design would benefit from this course, including aspiring architects, students, and seasoned experts. Absolutely no prior knowledge is expected.

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