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This is an online market application. Nowadays, people are shopping in online marketing. Because of All products are available in these applications. Available products in Electronics, Wood items, Fashions, Home furniture, Grocery, Kids were, Sports, Beauty Toys & more Available this application. And in this supply for customer required locations. Anywhere do you shopping because of this free application, and you can be shopping after then you will provide the delivery address and add our phone number. And whenever the delivery boy reached he is will be called confirmation.

What is Flipkart?

It’s a web application, and we are all using buying products because of selling the application. So many things are available in this application. Now way days peoples are very busy with our works so that people are using this application. These applications provide delivery as per customer requirements. Across India using these applications. And some days are providing offers and EMI facilities available in this application. You have any purchased item in this item any some issue. You will be a return option there. This application is used easily and buying is easy. And Flipkart is an easily with images showing that product anyone shows all dimensions and explained that product details.

Features of Flipkart:

⦁ It is a multilanguage application
⦁ It is a multicurrency and multistore application
⦁ It’s open for multi websites
⦁ Products are related
⦁ Customer service providing for 24/7
⦁ Product browsing
⦁ Payment facility and catalog
⦁ Mobile commerce, etc.

How to download Flipkart:

  • Go to the app store or play store
  • Search for a quire in a search bar as Flipkart
  • Click the download option, and then install it.
  • Provide the mobile number
  • Enter the OTP
  • Open the Flipkart.
App details:

Type Private, subsidiary
Industry: E-commerce
Founded: 2007; 14 years ago
Founder: Sachin Bansal Binny Bansal

i. Available in all products
ii. it is a very safe application
iii. it is very easy shopping Web applications
iv. In this application provide the offers
v. Searching option is very easy
vi. This web application so we can use it anywhere and any time
vii. This application show product images and sample videos
viii. Home delivery application
ix. Order Tracking option here
Products are safely packing
i. Some times is delivery slow
ii. Some times are out of stack here
iii. Some items not here


Flipkart is the best leading online application. So many years are using in these applications. Its online retail industry has much more successful application internet.

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