7 Ways RPM Makes Real Estate Easy

7 Ways RPM Makes Real Estate Easy

7 Ways RPM Makes Real Estate Easy The last few years have seen an incredible increase in the number of products and services available to property managers, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. However, if you look closely, you’ll find three distinct approaches to these new offerings, each with pros and cons. RPM represents a third way forward that makes property management more accessible and more streamlined than ever before. Here are seven ways RPM makes real estate easy for property managers everywhere to learn more about this approach.


1. All Residents Are Accounted For

RPM’s Resident Tracking and Reporting tool allow you to track where your residents are at all times, whether they are living in one of your buildings or not. For example, MRI Software states, “Maximize occupancy by automating the screening and inspections processes to reduce work for your staff.” This helps you make sure that everyone is accounted for at all times.

2. Online Payments are Convenient

Receiving payments is an essential part of doing business for real estate professionals. However, getting paid on time can be a struggle for many in today’s busy world. This is where the residential management platform comes in handy. An online platform allows real estate agencies to pay their employees quickly and without hassle. They can also access their payroll data remotely.

3. Profiles Include Key Stats

RPM’s systems enable real estate professionals to see everything their residents care about in one place, like maintenance, rent payments, and resident-specific notifications, all in one location. As a result, RPM was named a Top 10 Property Management Platform by Onerent.

4. Email and Text Notifications are Detailed

Email and text notifications provide timely, detail-oriented reports that put real estate professionals back in control of their day. RPM customers can opt to receive these alerts for their entire portfolio, specific properties, or even individual units.

5. Handle Maintenance and Repairs

RPM is both helpful and profitable for real estate owners. When RPM helps deal with maintenance and repairs, property managers are freed up to work on other tasks, reducing stress and improving overall efficiency. Property managers who use RPM experience fewer tenant turnover rates than those who don’t, which can be very beneficial regarding time spent recruiting new tenants.

6. RPM Handles Leasing for You

RPM handles leasing for you. They take care of all marketing, management, and maintenance and help save your time and money. For example, the average residential property manager spends 6-8 hours per week on each unit they manage. With RPM, that number is cut in half.

7. Emergency Contact Information is Always Handy

With so many different apartment communities on your roster, you may wonder if you have enough time to manage all of them. Fortunately, RPM has several features that can help your business run smoothly and give you more time in your schedule for other things.

Although there are many different ways managers can streamline their business operations, we’ve found one platform that simplifies most of these areas: Residential Property Manager.

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