What is humidor solution

What is humidor solution

Humidor solution is a product that humidifies a cigar or cigarette. Cigar aficionados usually have one in their stockpile and take it out to ensure the proper humidity level is maintained, but if you don’t want to buy a humidor, you can use it in an airtight container and it will slowly release moisture into the air for your cigar.


What is humidor solution?

If your humidor is not keeping your cigars humidified, you may need to add some humidor solution. Humidor solution is a water-based liquid used to help keep cigars in optimum condition. It comes in a variety of flavors and can be purchased at most cigar stores. Do I need to add a humidor solution? That depends on the humidity levels in your humidor. As long as your cigars are in perfect condition, there is no need to add any humidor solution directly to your humidor. However, if you notice a slight dryness in your cigars, it may be necessary to add some humidor solution. The amount of humidity can vary from brand to brand. You may need more or less than what is suggested below.

If your cigars are used to maintain a steady 70% humidity, you should add 4 ounces of humidor solution for each 50 cigars. If you notice excessive dryness in your cigars, remove a small amount from the humidor (around half an ounce) and add that directly to the humidor with your remaining humidor solution.

How do I store my cigar box? Put the cigar box on its side, close one end and let it sit there until the excess moisture evaporates. Once it’s dried out, flip it over so that it’s facing up again and cover with a sheet of paper or plastic wrap. This way you can enjoy your precious cigar collection without worrying about them getting wet again.

How to make humidor solution

Making humidor solution is an easy way to keep your cigars in great condition. All you need is some clean water, a humidifier, and your cigars. The first step is to fill a container with enough clean water to cover the cigars. The next step is to add your humidifier. Finally, place the container of cigars on top of the humidifier and let it work its magic. How to make cigar accessories. Accessories add fun and flair to your smoking experience.

There are many different accessories to choose from that can help you enjoy your cigars even more. A good place to start is with an ashtray, cutter, and lighter. Many people prefer black ashtrays and cutters, but there are also plenty of colored options available as well. Finally, a good lighter may be the most useful accessory of all, especially if you like smoking after dark or in places where smoking isn’t allowed.

How to roll a cigar properly. Learning how to roll your own cigars will allow you to produce a more consistent smoke every time with fewer mistakes along the way.

Some common mistakes that people make when they are making humidor solution

Humidor solution is a crucial part of the preservation process for cigars. It helps to keep the cigars in good condition by wicking away moisture and protecting them from bacteria and fungus. However, making humidor solution can be a little daunting for newbies. Here are some common mistakes that people make when they are making humidor solution.

  1. not using enough humidifier

The most important thing when making humidor solution is to use enough humi­difier. Too little humidity will damage your cigars, while too much humidity could cause them to become moldy or spoil. A good rule of thumb is to add about 2 tablespoons of humi­difier for every 100 cigars that you are storing. So, if you have 200 cigars that you want to store in your humidor, you would add 400 tablespoons of humi­difier. Just make sure to measure out the correct amount of humi­difier before you start concocting your solution!

  1. not stirring constantly

Stirring your humidor solution regularly is an essential part of preserving your cigars. If you don’t stir it often enough, condensation will form and accumulate on the inner walls of your humidor. This is not good because it can cause mold to form if it is left in place for too long. Do a quick stir every few days or whenever it starts getting lumpy.

storing your cigars in the wrong temperatureTo keep your cigars fresh, you should keep them between 65ºF and 68ºF at all times. If you are storing your cigars in extreme temperatures, they will begin to dry out more quickly and will be affected by changes in humidity levels as well as other chemicals that may be present. So whatever you do, don’t leave your cigars outside or near air conditioning vents!


A humidor solution is an essential component of any cigar storage unit. It helps to maintain the humidity levels in the humidor, which is vital for the preservation of cigars. Not all humidor solutions are created equal, however, so be sure to read the ingredients and reviews before making a purchase.

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