Top Multisite Energy Management Tips For Every Energy Manager

Top Multisite Energy Management Tips For Every Energy Manager

Running a multisite business is a skill. It takes a lot of effort. To some, it can be challenging and overwhelming. In particular, managing the utility bills requires strategy. Multi site energy meters can help you manage these bills and even save energy. Here are practical multi-site energy management tips and tricks you should know.


Tolerant Contracts

Traditionally, multisite businesses have a huge energy demand. That’s why you should also ways go for flexible multisite contracts. A tolerant contract is the best bet for a multisite business. With a tolerant contract, you can always add site meters without affecting your rates.

Think Forward

The choice your company makes when it comes to sourcing energy can affect its reputation. Customers are now preferring companies that employ energy efficiency measures. That’s why your company should be forward-thinking and invest in energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency, especially when it comes to multisite buildings, can save you a lot of energy. For instance, investing in smart controls allows you to manage utilities while making your company more sustainable.

Benchmark Usage

You should determine how much energy is being used in every building. Use the right monitoring systems to assess energy use and waste in real-time. This data will inform the next course of action. These systems are effective at revealing the cost parameters, performance, as well as quality.

From here, you can establish a baseline for each building. This baseline will be used when tracking the progress.

Formulate The Right Goals

Strategic energy management goes beyond tracking your energy usage. It should be linked to your organizational goals. Have clear business goals. Link them to your energy management goals. Set specific goals for every budding.

Develop An Action Plan

As an energy manager, it’s important to design a management action plan. Understand the energy usage in your company. Familiarize yourself with waste. An action plan is designed to help you achieve your energy management goals.

Diversify Options

Don’t rely on one source of energy for your multi site organizations. Diversify your options. Remember, relying on one source can bring the operations of your company to a standstill (if anything happens). That’s why you should have a comprehensive strategy when it comes to purchasing, managing, as well as monitoring the energy in your multisite company.

Similar Buildings

Allow energy managers from each building to identify cost-saving opportunities. Identify common denominators in buildings. From here, consider grouping buildings based on energy consumption as well as procurement solutions. Compare energy usage from one building to another. Why are some buildings using more energy than others? Is there anything you can do to reduce energy usage in these buildings?

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let the rising multisite utility bills pin your business down. Bring in a multisite utility meter. Use the right energy management strategies. Monitor the utility bills dates. Pay your utilities in time. Conduct regular energy audits. Use the above tips and tricks to manage your multisite

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