Top 6 tips to provide students with a proper academic understanding

Every teacher aims to provide students with quality education, ensure students’ academic success, and grow in their professional careers. To do so, providing students with a clear and proper academic understanding of the subject courses is important. For this purpose, following the right teaching strategies plays a significant role. Let us discuss the effective teaching tips that teachers can follow to provide students with good academic understanding and knowledge.


Providing students with a proper academic understanding: tips for teachers

1. Ensure discipline in the classroom

For effective teaching, having discipline in the classroom holds utmost importance. If students will behave inappropriately, they will cause distractions and disturbances in the learning environment. Because of this, students don’t actively listen to the teachers, stay diverted and relate less to the topics being taught. In such cases, teachers are not at fault but this teaching is affected. To overcome this problem, set disciplinary measures for your class. Ask students not to talk with each other during the classes, stay attentive, respond regularly, respect all and show the right behavioral traits.

2. Use technology to teach

Sometimes making students understand from the textbooks becomes difficult for the teachers. Also listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring and less engaging for students. Teachers should avoid this and must teach with the help of technology.

By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Also, the classes become more interesting. This will help teachers to provide students with effective academic understanding.

3. Have doubt classes

Sometimes when teachers have to rush with the syllabus or have time constraints, answering the doubts and queries of every student becomes difficult. With doubts in mind, understanding and memorizing the lessons becomes difficult for students. To overcome this problem, teachers should conduct separate doubt classes.

Every week one such class should be arranged for the students. In these classes, try to answer the doubts of all students one by one. Re-teach or summarize once again the tougher topics. Also, some students might fear asking mychart doubts. Make sure you make them feel comfortable and confident to share their doubts and problems.

4. Assess students to see how effective is the current learning and teaching practices

For effective teaching and providing students with a proper academic understanding, regularly assessing them is important. Only teaching one lesson to another, won’t let teachers know whether they are understanding or not. So regular assessments should be conducted.

After completing a few lessons, conduct a test of respective academic subjects. This will help students to know how much they gained from the classes, what is their understanding level and what more needs to be done for improvement and score enhancement. This will help teachers see how accountable students are towards their studies.

5. Upgrade your skills

After assessing students, teachers should maintain records of scores and grades. See how effective the current teaching practices are. If the results are not that effective, changes in teaching patterns are required. For this purpose, teachers can register on the CBSE training portal. This way you will be able to be part of different programs and seminars that help teachers to have the latest knowledge and enhance their teaching skills. This will help teachers to provide students with quality education. You can also consult senior teachers and professors to seek advice on improvement in teaching.

6. Ask students to be accountable

Only receiving the lesson explanation from the teachers is not enough for proper academic understanding. Self-efforts are equally important. If students don’t study and revise the classroom material at home, and only depend on the teachers, they can’t understand the academic subjects well.

To overcome this problem, ask students to be accountable. Along with teaching the textbook lessons, have general and motivational talks with them. Explain to them the importance of self-studying and revising at home. Ask students to stay consistent and put effort into learning.


For teaching and learning success, teachers should focus well on providing students with a proper understanding of the academic subjects of the respective course. By following the above-mentioned tips teachers can become successful in teaching effectively, and providing students with a clear and in-depth academic understanding.

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