Why Microsoft Developers are Turning to Cloud Hosting

Why Microsoft Developers are Turning to Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing allows businesses and individuals to access enhanced computing power without the need for complex servers or advanced hardware. Microsoft developers are turning to cloud hosting to design cutting-edge software at reduced costs with efficiencies for scale and rapid growth. As the digital business world continues to evolve and innovate, developers who take advantage of the latest in cloud computing will be able to launch apps and software that are more efficient, reliable, and accessible to both businesses and individual users.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Developers are under more pressure than ever to publish new software frequently, with quick updates, bug fixes, and improved user accessibility. Today, developers need the benefits of cloud hosting to remain competitive at lower costs and with a more significant impact on the end-user.

Accessibility and Reduced Costs

Private servers are costly, requiring high-tech hardware and constant power to keep programs and software up and running. SMBs often cannot afford their own private on-site or remote servers but need the computing power to scale. SMBs have access to various hosting services and high-power computing on the best hardware with cloud hosting. VMware hosting services such as Liquid Web offers Private Cloud, a hosting solution “on multi-tenant infrastructure or in a build-to-order dedicated environment, Private Cloud delivers the power, performance, and reliability of an industry-leading, high-availability enterprise solution.” There are minimal up-front costs to cloud-hosting without the need for complex hardware SMBs can save money to invest in other areas of development. Users do not need high-power computers to run cloud-based software. Because the computing is done in the cloud, the end-user can run the program from their browser on their laptop or even smartphone.


Traditional server structures typically require enterprises to lock into specific configurations that are costly to alter and require complex hardware updates to maintain. SMBs can automatically scale their applications with cloud hosting by increasing hardware power or adding more servers. Server hosting services can dynamically add more computing power as needed to help scale any project on any timeline. With benefits like these, you can design your application with complex services and host these in a high-processing auto-scaling server environment.

Improved Performance

With cloud hosting, services are run through multiple servers located in various locations, all high-powered and producing reliable, fast, and secure services. Managed hosting services will maintain the highest quality hardware to provide dynamic and secure results for developers. Cloud hosting offers various service models such as IaaS and PaaS, allowing you to select the services that best suit your needs and optimize performance.

Availability Groups

Some cloud hosting services, such as Liquid Web, will also offer availability groups that support failover environments for databases. With high availability, you will have both your primary server and a secondary server prepared for automatic failover. All traffic is automatically rerouted to a secondary server, even if your first server fails. Further, disaster recovery configuration is offered with a secondary server constantly copying the primary server in case of failure. This secondary server is an exact copy ready to take over with minimal losses of data, just a few transactions behind the primary server at any given time.

There are many benefits of cloud hosting for developers looking to scale their applications quickly and reliably. Developers need to understand the basics of programming for a cloud environment to stay ahead of the industry in the years to come. Fast, reliable, and scalable software is in high demand. Take advantage of cloud hosting today.

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