IDM Integration Module For Chrome

IDM Integration Module For Chrome


What is IDM Integration Module For Chrome?

It is a Google Chrome extension that uploads any files or full web pages from Chrome to Internet Download Manager. The IDM Chrome addon may also download videos from a variety of video hosting sites

IDM Integration for Chrome is a small browser extension that allows you to simply integrate web URLs into the Internet Download Manager program, one of the most popular and extensively used download accelerators available. Internet Download Manager, which has won over 15 accolades from renowned online publications, allows users to manage their downloads, plan them for specified times, and download them at a faster pace thanks to its built-in support for segmented download

Installing IDM Integration for Chrome will help you better organize your workload if you download a lot of files from the internet and aren’t satisfied with the number of alternatives available in the default download services on modern browsers. IDM has a lot of complex capabilities that browsers don’t have, like category filtering, HTTPS support, queue processor, file splitting for faster downloads, built-in virus protection, ZIP preview, advanced scheduler, and even support for older services like dial-up modems

How to install IDM integration module for chrome?

Installing this IDM Integration program for Chrome allows you to make online downloads directly from the Google Chrome browser interface, and the link will be automatically sent to Internet Download Manager, which will display on the screen, schedule, and download the file

Due to factors such as the lack of numerous download bands, connection constraints, and other factors, the default download manager of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and others does not always deliver the fastest possible download speed.

Download managers, such as IDM and FDM, on the other hand, can speed up slow downloads and ensure that you get the most out of your Internet connection. Furthermore, these allow you to download resumes.

Google Chrome can directly transfer downloads to IDM using the IDM Integration module extension, eliminating the need to manually access the download manager

What is the purpose of the IDM Chrome Extension?

One would now wonder why he wants to add the IDM Extension to his web browser. So, here’s the solution. In general, if you have the IDM Extension loaded in your browser, anytime you try to download a file, the IDM Extension will automatically grab the link and display a download popup message. That means you don’t have to utilize the Download link to download files manually. The classic technique involves copying the direct download link, opening IDM, pasting the link, and then downloading the file. With the help of the Internet Download Manager Extension for Chrome, all of these tasks are reduced to a bare minimum

Features of IDM integration module

  • A useful productivity extension that enhances the Google Chrome browser’s download capabilities.
  • A useful productivity extension for boosting the Chrome browser’s download capabilities.
  • Internet Download Manager, one of the most popular download accelerators on the market today, is seamlessly integrated
  • With Internet Download Manager integration, you can get the fastest download speeds possible.
  • It’s simple and inconspicuous.
  • Chrome and other common browsers are supported.
  • Completely free


The IDM Integration Module Chrome addon can help to simplify and speed up the download process for files in general. It takes less than two minutes to set up and works across a variety of websites.

Now go ahead and download all of the files at breakneck speed. If you know of a better approach to installing the IDM integration module extension on Chrome, please let us know

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