Curly Hair: What Are the Best Ways to Use Curling Cream?

Curly Hair: What Are the Best Ways to Use Curling Cream?

Curly Hair: What Are the Best Ways to Use Curling Cream? We’ve all been there: frozen in the natural hair care section of the drugstore, staring at all the custards, mousses, butter, creams, and gels. It takes a lot of effort to decide what each is and what they do for your unique natural curls and coils.

Knowing what curly hair products to use and when to use them isn’t always about the product; it depends on individual hair texture, density, curl pattern, and porosity. As a result, there can be a lot of trial and error when it comes to trying new products. Sadly, no matter how effective a product is, you won’t get the best results if you don’t use natural hair curling creams properly.

You can make the most of your curling cream with our expert tips and tricks. Find out what sets curling creams apart from other textured hair products and why you should have one in your natural hair care arsenal.


What exactly is Curling Cream?

When it comes to categorizing natural hair products, there are several options. Cleansers, moisturizers, conditioners, stylers, and serums are examples of broad categories. Gels, pomades, and mousses, for example, are examples of stylers.

Moisturizers include butter, hair milks, and hydrating mists. However, when it comes to creams, custards, and puddings, the lines are frequently blurred because many of them are highly moisturizing stylers designed to both hydrate and hold your curls. The thickness, texture, and water content of each product can all impact the balance of styler and moisturizer.

Curling creams withhold frequently referred to as gels, but their consistency and intense hydration place them closer to conditioners. Creams and gels coat the hair to set styles and seal in moisture, but gel forms a more substantial cast around each strand. That’s why hair gels frequently impart an unpleasant crunchy texture to your strands.

On the other hand, Creams provide a more thin, flexible hold that keeps curls and coils soft and bouncy. Creams also condition and moisturize the hair shaft from the inside out, taming frizz and smoothing cuticles to keep tangling at bay.

What is the Purpose of Curling Cream?

The combination of oil and water is what makes hair creams so creamy. Just as you must moisturize your skin to keep it from becoming ashy or flaky, you must also moisturize your hair. This is especially true for Type 3 and Type 4 curly hair, whose strands tend to get extremely dry and require as much nourishment as possible.

A curl cream’s purpose is to define your unique curl pattern in addition to providing deep hydration. They represent and enhance your curls to make them the best they can be. A Satin Bonnet for Curly Hair is the perfect combination of moisture and hold for styling and refreshing dry textures like curls and coils while also hydrating thirsty strands.

Making the Most of Curling Cream

Curling cream functions almost like a second conditioner, so don’t be afraid to apply it all over your strands and work it into your curls. Creams, unlike conditioners, will provide curl definition and hold, making them an excellent addition to your natural hair care arsenal.

Curling cream can be used to create a variety of natural hairstyles. We may be biased, but we love an excellent nourishing formula because it provides deep moisture and radiant shine without weighing down your curls.

Wash-and-Go with Curling Cream

A simple wash and go is one of the best (and simplest) ways to use a curling cream. Most curl creams can be applied to dry or wet hair, giving you endless styling options, but it is preferable to use them on very wet strands.

Curl creams work best on damp hair because the product can be applied more evenly. Skip towel-drying immediately after rinsing out your conditioner and instead apply curling cream while your hair is still wet. If your hair dries when it takes you to get out of the shower, rewet it evenly with a spray bottle first.

Using your fingertips or a broad tooth comb, rake a generous helping of curling cream through your hair, working the cream from your hair roots to your ends. You can gently squeeze out excess water once it’s been evenly distributed through your hair.

This method allows you to get the perfect version of your curls because they are smoothest when wet. However, once your curls are fully coated in the cream, please don’t touch them too much as they dry, or you’ll cause them to frizz.

Style Your Hair with Curling Cream.

While we love a good wash and go, there are a plethora of other standout natural hairstyles that can be achieved with curling creams. Whatever hairstyle you choose, begin by following the steps outlined above for a wash and go.

When using curling cream to create more detailed looks, rub the cream formula between your fingers before applying it to hair and running through with fingers rather than a comb.


Whether you’re new to using curling cream or have a bathroom cabinet full of curly hair products, remember that the application is almost as important as the product formula itself. Proper cream etiquette and application will keep your curls and coils frizz-free and looking fly.

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