Are Your Company Signs Outdated? Let’s Find Out

External signage for your business is more than just a neon sign on your building’s front lawn or a sign on a pole in the middle of the street. When it comes to drawing in customers and turning them into customers, your company signage has a significant impact.

Customers who aren’t interested in your products and services aren’t going to come into your store. For example, if your signage is outdated or otherwise unattractive, you may be losing out on potential customers without ever realizing it. 

However, how can you determine whether your company signs are outdated and impacting your sales? Your company signage may be out of date because of these four reasons – and here’s what to do about it.


Reasons to Update Company Signs

Some of the reasons why you need to change your digital signage UK or conventional signs are as follows:

Your company signs don’t reflect you anymore

Although it is an issue in and of itself, we don’t want to imply that your company signs are plagiarized. Brand promises, taglines, and other important corporate messaging should all be updated, including your signage! 

Using outdated logos or color schemes on your company’s signage might throw off your consumers’ perceptions of your brand. Your business’s external signage needs updating whenever you make significant changes to your brand identity. Don’t skimp on the details! 

Make a list of all of your business signs and determine the cost and time necessary to update them. For businesses that have rebranded in the last three to five years, an audit of all their business signage is a good idea.

Ensure that your business signs match the environment

Pseudo-psychology hacks and outdated design trends encouraged company owners to mix their message with their firm’s setting. Even while that old ploy has lost its luster, you may still be able to find signs that fit in with the surroundings of your company. 

This is the point: business signage should stand out and catch the attention of consumers. Signage that stands out doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck if you want to attract consumers and educate them before they buy. 

In this respect, digital signage UK is easier to manage, as you could update them with less pain and trouble.

Your messages aren’t intentionally misleading 

Retro style may be popular, but that retro signage may need to be relocated to the rear of the building. Use vintage signage as the focal point of a marketing campaign if they are consistent with your brand. Keep them in excellent condition, and eye-catching. 

Your company could seem out of date or uninteresting if your employees aren’t up to speed with current social norms. Let’s face it: Most old advertising just won’t resonate with today’s consumers. Don’t forget to update your company’s external signage with the times.

Your signs feature outdated or negative data

A Tic-Tac-Toe board with previous pricing or discounts marked through and refilled is cluttering and confusing the message. Customers are going to be perplexed if your Spring Sale board is still up in the middle of summer. 

It is important that your company signage be clear, concise, and up to date. Seasonal or reusable templates are OK. However, make sure you change them out for relevant advertising and a clear message.

Make a plan to update

It’s not necessary to spend all of your time worrying about keeping your company’s signs up-to-date. Create a plan for your brand and signage that keeps your consumers coming back for more. 

Keep your clients coming back to the trusted source for your goods and services by updating the appearance of your company on a regular basis with seasonal messaging, spreading the word about your next big deal, and delighting and informing them. 

There is no better way to keep your company up to date and profitable than to use a promotional calendar like this one to keep your signs fresh and up to date. You can use digital signage UK to make updates easier forever!

Take Away

Look no farther than Sign World Group when it comes to refreshing your company’s internal or external signage. Create business signs and graphics that are consistent with your company’s logo and ahead of current design trends. You may get a free estimate and consultation by calling SignWorld now!

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