7 Absinthe Brands To Try In 2022 

In distilled beverages, most people think of traditional staples like Brandy, Gin, Tequila, Whiskey, Absinthe, and Vodka. Whether you taste these delights at your home or in a restaurant, you will be happy refilling them to your satisfaction. However, some liquors may not be as popular as regular brands but will delight your tongue no less. 

The French concoction Absinthe is like most other distilled alcohols. But it got its start in the medicine cabinets of some pharmacy shops. Absinthe, thought to have powerful healing properties, is Switzerland’s creation, courtesy of a French doctor from a wormwood plant extract in the 1700s. Let us know about Absinthe more closely and seven of its famous brands. 

  • Absinthe–Age-Old, Yet Contemporary 

Originally a relief provider to patients from malarial parasites, Absinthe relieves other mild problems like heartburn, stomach pain, and indigestion and is the favored drink of the French Aristocracy. Absinthe came to be known as “The Green Fairy” across the nation. Many creative artists learned that drinking Absinthe liquor gold will cause hallucinations and inspire their creative juices.  

 Absinthe made from herbs like green anise, fennel, wormwood, and hyssop are plucked from their natural habitat. After the herbs’ cultivation and harvesting, weighing and mixing happen so that there is no variation in taste from one batch to the next. After that, grinding or crushing prepares them for distilling.  

Since the principal ingredient, wormwood is quite bitter; many people assume that Absinthe is equally bitter. However, proper distillation with the right herbs gives it a strong herbal flavor to overcome the bitterness in the finished liquor. Here are the top seven Absinthe brands. Cheers!   

1. Pernod Absinthe Superieure 

Unmistakably, this tipple is the godfather of all Absinthe brands and has set the global benchmark in Absinthe production. It is an original brew creation of Marseille in 1805 brought back to life in 2013 for the French. The revised recipe had the grape spirit to create a fuller body. Rather than using dyes, the company began coloring the alcohol with stinging nettles.  

The new taste has the same botanicals, such as Melissa, minty hyssop, and fennel, and tastes like a polished version of the Pernod classic. Till this day, the world embraces and revers Pernod Absinthe Superieure.  

2. Copper & Kings Absinthe Alembic Blanche 

This absinthe brand results from double distillation of aromatic wine in Vendome copper pot stills. Copper & Kings Absinthe has no added artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or chemicals. Botanicals like anise, fennel, and a few others complement the ingredients in this absinthe pick.  

You will get a pure, unadulterated flavor and an herbaceous aroma, besides a smooth and mellow finish.   

3. St. George Absinthe Verte 

After the US lifted the ban on absinthe in 2007, St George Spirits were one of the first to deliver America’s first home-grown and lethal absinthe. Even today, it remains among the applauded and regarded spirits. 

This absinthe brand has Chardonnay grape brandy as the base spirit delivering a somewhat zesty flavor, unlike other absinthes prepared with a neutral grain. Additional botanicals like lemon balm, mint, basil, hyssop, and stinging nettles support the star anise, wormwood, and fennel trio. 

4. Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte 

This absinthe elixir released in Colorado in 2008 uses Chilean pisco (grape-based spirit) as the foundation with wormwood, fennel, and green anise botanicals. Lemon balm and hyssop infusion make the intoxicating green color party-vibrant. What you get is muscular, full-bodied absinthe with undertones of white pepper. 

Leopold Bros is an independent-owned distillery that prides itself in using only the best grains, botanicals, herbs, fruits, and spices. They follow the Pre-Prohibition techniques of mashing and fermenting grains at lower temperatures for more extended periods.  

5. La Clandestine Absinthe Supérieure 

La Clandestine Absinthe Supérieure is admired worldwide and looked upon as the finest Swiss absinthe and the best Blanche globally. This all-natural spirit has an aromatic flavor profile and a delicate bouquet of herbs. 

La Clandestine, crafted from locally grown plants such as wormwood, hyssop, peppermint, and melissa, forms the finest imported fennel and anise. Every production step of La Clandestine Absinthe Supérieure is not too dissimilar from that in the ban era. Europe’s eminent absinthe distiller Claude-Alain Bugnon distills this famed liquor.  

6. Tennyson Absinthe Royal 

Tennyson Absinthe Royal, distilled at Les Fils d’Emile Pernot outside Pontarlier, France, is a creation of absinthe specialist David Nathan-Maister and a young mogul from Texas. It is absinthe fashioned in Swiss style, asking you to focus on the spirit itself.   

Its product composition includes botanicals like juniper and bitter orange. It is non-traditional absinthe and a little more refreshing than the classic absinthe. An orange peel and tonic water make it a delightful drink.  

7. Absinthe Ordinaire    

This is an homage to one of the most commercially successful Absinthe recipes from the tasteful age of La Belle Époque Paris. Absinthe Ordinaire, produced in southern France, uses the best ingredients and distillation techniques.   

Genuine absinthe botanicals used in Absinthe Ordinaire include a full measure of the famous botanical wormwood, besides star anise, sweet anise, peppermint, mugwort, and sweet balm.    


Wrapping Up 

The best absinthe is the one that tastes good. Drinking absinthe requires a short-stemmed glass, specialty spoon, and accessories. Pour an ounce of absinthe into your glass; balance a specialty spoon across the rim; place the sugar cube on top; pour iced water over the cube until saturated. Your glass should contain 5 ounces of water and one teaspoon of sugar when complete. 




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