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Realme Dialer Apk Download For Android

Realme Dialer Apk Download For Android Recently, Google has changed the dialer settings for all Android phones. The dialer on all phones has been changed to a google dialer. The realme company has also joined forces with Google and has launched a Google dialer to its customers. The main drawback with this dialer program is the fact that it doesn’t provide an auto recording feature.

Furthermore, additional options Additionally, some other features are also not available in this. Therefore, the user must install a new dialer. A brand new dialer for phones called Realme Dialer Apk has been being launched right in the present time.

In addition, many users also prefer using the calendar or contact dialer from an outside source such as the app store and the google play store. Instead of using the Google calendar or the contact dialer. However, don’t fret about dialer, for those who are Android or realme user.

The company created this dialer for its faithful user. Numerous modern and top features are accessible to the user. Additionally, millions of users have downloaded this dialer to their smartphones.


 Realme Dialer Apk

The user will be able to guess from the name of the app it’s a call-making application. The easy-to-use interface allows users to modify everything. Make adjustments to the interface according to your preference and feel at ease using it.

Additionally, you can alter the transparency of the sidebar in the application , and then split the screen into different components. But, you’ll notice an amazing resemblance to one of the dialers, One Plus phone dialer. Users can also store his personal files in Google cloud using the seamless technology of integration.

Download Realme Dialer Apk

The most impressive aspect is the ability to save unlimited contacts to his phone. Record calls of friends and strangers, and then send them via email or texts. You can also gain access to the private details of callers, such as names and telephone numbers.

It is all possible thanks to the realm of aod apk. However users can also sync to the account on his accounts on Facebook and access the contacts list on a regular basis. If you are behind, just start downloading it now!

Brilliant Features

Removed All Ads

Usually the moment you download any dialer app from the Google Play Store and install it, you must be watching ads from Google on a regular basis. These ads are irritating and annoying to everyone because it’s an extremely time-consuming process. This is why many users are exhausted from these annoying advertisements.

Additionally, if you invest real money for an exclusive subscription you will be able to block these irritating ads. But, it will require a lot of funds. If you’re looking to eliminate annoying ads, then download Realme Phone Latest Version on our site.

Safe And Secure

I’m pretty sure this program was designed by skilled developers. Furthermore, the manufacturer is a professional and will take care of users. Furthermore, the application is secure from any threats to security and potential. In addition the recordings are secure. This way, any external party or hacker can access your recordings. Furthermore, a secure tunnel is constructed for sharing the recordings.

Built In Dialer Option

This is the best feature that allows users to dial new numbers with just one tap. There is no effort or hard work can be put into dialing numbers. Simply open the application , and hit three dots on the right-hand side.

The entire digits will show in your display. Then, you can put the phone number onto the dial board to have access to a variety of possibilities. The first is that the user can save the number to your contacts list easily. Additionally, you can directly dial the number with no saving it.

Customize The Theme

To improve the user experience The developer has made different customization options. Go to the settings of the app and alter the theme color for the app. Feel free to make your color scheme, regardless of which color you prefer.

Furthermore, turn on the dialer tones and vibrations without any trouble. This way you’ll never feel tired of your interface with this app. In addition, all adjustments are compatible with any kind of device. It does not matter if you use an iPhone or an Android phone.

Auto Call Recording Option

The ability to record calls is the most important reason for the app’s success. Therefore, feel free to instantly record all calls without effort. Simply go to the settings , and then select the auto-call recording option. All call recordings will appear into the file manager immediately.

But, the person calling will not be aware of the recording. In addition, you could also record calls manually. Switch off the auto-call option in the settings and then choose the call record choice during the phone call. It will be saved on auto.

Edit Your Recorded Call

Many applications offer the auto recording option. However, some applications provide the option to edit calls. The dialer for the realme app for android 11 12 also one of those apps. Users can modify the recordings using simple guidelines.

Realme Dialer Mod Apk Realme Dialer Mod Apk

First , select the call you’d like for editing and cropping. Keep one thing in mind: The voice cannot be altered in any way. But, users can only edit and crop the call recorded.

Mod Testing

  • The risks and imbalances are evident when the security level of the app is not high enough. However, in this app banks have a bank-level security to protect the user.
  • There is no Internet nor WIFI connectivity is needed to run this program.

Benefits Of Realme Dialer


  • Realme Dialer is among the dialing applications for Android that comes with the best features.
  • The app was designed for ease of use and the user can modify it according to to suit their preferences.
  • For instance, Realme Dialer allows users to design the background image of their choice, pick from a variety of fonts and sizes, and select from a wide range of themes.

Capabilities for recording

  • Realme Dialer is a unique dialing application that gives you the option to record calls which is a feature not present in many other dialers.
  • Furthermore, then that, users have access to an array of recording options, which let users record all sides of an exchange.
  • Both MP3 and WAV are high-quality formats that could be utilized to store recordings.
  • The program is able to also integrate with cloud services such as DropBox as well as Google Drive without any problems.

Distribute audio

  • Realme Dialler gives users who do not wish to utilize cloud storage an alternative, permitting them to send recordings via text message instead of saving the recordings online.
  • Realme Dialler not only provides an alternative to cloud storage for those who want to store their audio files offline but also lets users modify and edit audio clips based on certain parameters.

Powerful communication utility

  • Realme Dialer is a reliable and efficient method of communicating. Realme Dialer is packed with features that let it manage a variety of communication requirements
  • Although it provides all the basic features of a great dialer and organizer, however, the application also comes with some cool extra features.

The Last Conclusion

If you’re in search of an ideal dialer application on your smartphone, you’re in the right place. Realme Dialer Apk might be the perfect application to download. Get it downloaded from our website and then restart your device. It will function by itself. In addition, users can make this application the default. This way it is not necessary to pick up the dialer over and over and repeatedly.


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