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Movie review from son of India Kadiyam Babji is an elderly man who is dissatisfied with the way society operates. Son of India He decides that kidnapping some high-profile people is the best way to exact revenge. Ira, an NIA officer, is hot on his tail.

Review: Even before Son of India begins, we are informed that the film is a one-man show. The viewers can hear the voices of other characters, but only Mohan Babu can be seen on-screen. Diamond Ratna Babu, the director, refers to this as a “experiment,” but the concept falls short in execution.

Diamond Ratnababu’s Telugu language action-drama film, written and directed by Mohan Babu, was released today, February 18, 2022. The film, which stars Srikanth and Pragya Jaiswal, Tanikella Bharani, Ali, Prudhvi Raj, Raghu Babu, and Bandla Ganesh, has received mixed reviews, and social media has been flooded with hilarious memes that are sure to stroke one’s funny bone.

The film’s only saving grace is its length of 1 hour 42 minutes. Son of India The plot is reminiscent of the numerous revenge and vigilante dramas that have emerged in the years since director Shankar’s Bharateeyudu (Indian) and Aparichitudu (Tamil) (Anniyan). The story is told in an amateurish format that the film team thinks is experimental.

As the credits roll, veteran actor Mohan Babu, who stars in the film, explains that the experimental narrative is based on an idea he first explored in stage plays, when his monologue served to narrate the story and connect with the audience. He explains that in Son of India, viewers will mostly see him and a few other actors playing television anchors, with the identities of the rest of the cast revealed near the end.

Following that, a voiceover introduces Mohan Babu’s character (who shall remain unnamed) as something of an enigma. The opening song places the actor among stock footage and mediocre visual effects. Mohan Babu embarks on a mission after receiving a cryptic message following a devotional song.

Soon after, a central minister (Srikanth) is kidnapped, and the National Investigation Agency begins its investigation. We get a lot of top angle shots, Son of India point of view shots from random objects, and blurred visuals because we’ve been told we won’t see the other actors for the most part. The actors portraying the officers are identified by their ID cards and, in some cases, their voices. Prudhvi Raj is always wearing PPE gear, Mangli breaks into a folk song during an investigation, and Pragya Jaiswal, who plays officer Airawathy, has to make do with subpar dubbing.

The film does not trust its audience’s ability to comprehend what is happening on screen. Even when the characters have explained things themselves, the voiceover delineates every action shortly after it occurs. ‘Oh, you thought he was an NIA officer, then you thought he was a temporary driver, Son of India and now you’re wondering if he’s a kidnapper,’ it says. ‘What must be his motivation?’ You get the idea…

After the intermission, a sliver of the plot reveals Virupaksha’s (Mohan Babu) backstory. After losing his family, a peace-loving printing press owner embarks on a path of vengeance, later taking up cudgels on behalf of other victims like him who are imprisoned.

Sure, the story is out of date and poorly told. What makes the experience even more vexing is how the camera treats some of its female subjects. The film does not reveal the actors’ faces, but it has no trouble tracing the curves of the female officers in the gym. Son of India In another scene, a corrupt and sinister doctor is portrayed as all the more pitiful because she engages in a same-sex relationship for money. The camera lingers on her once more.

Ali, Vennela Kishore, and Sunil are fortunate to be cast as television anchors because their identities are revealed and they get to deliver a few lines in their signature style.

Son of India turns out to be a vain, self-indulgent exercise that left me wondering what the film’s team was thinking, if they were thinking at all. The mission appears to be incomplete, with more to come. The hint of a sequel sounded punishing.


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